Servo Drive MINAS A5N dilengkapi dengan RTEX (Realtime Express)

  • Real-time communication at 100Mbps using RTEX protocol
  • 100Mbps Full duplex
  • Com. period min. 0.083ms(*1)
  • Up to 32 axes@0.5ms (*1)
  • Max. 100m length inter-node cable
  • All axes fully synchronization (*2) for interpolation
  • Parameter setting and monitoring
  • Less wiring
  • Low-cost using Ethernet cable•
  • High noise immunity (IEC61000-4-4 compliant)
  • Supports position, velocity and torque control
  • Supports safety standards as set forth by: EN954-1(CAT3), ISO13849-1 (PL-D), EN61508(SIL2), EN62061(SIL2), EN61800-5-2(STO), IEC61326-3-1
  • Manual and automatic damping filters
  • Full command range for up to 32 axes
  • Suitable for standard MINAS A5 motors
  • Special RTEX positioning units for FP-Sigma and FP2 PLCs
  • Easy wiring with standard Ethernet cables

New Fuctions

  • TPos./Pos./Vel./Torq. All Modes
  • Shorter Communication Period
  • 32bytes/axis Mode for Monitoring
  • Precise Position Latch
  • Feed-Forwards from Controller
  • Internal Torque Feed-Forward
  • A/B-pulse Linear Encoder I/F
  • 20bit/r Encoder
  • Reduced Vibration by New Current Sensing
  • Three-Phase Power Input
  • Safety* I/F (Specific model)


Speed  100Mbps
Physical Layer 100BASE-TX full duplex (by IEEE 802.3u)
CableShielded Twisted Pair (TIA/EIA-568B CAT5e)
Topology Ring
Isolation Pulse Transformer with common-mode choke
Cable LengthInter-node: Max. 100m, Total: Max. 200m
Noise Immunity2.5kV over, IEC61000-4-4 compliant
Com. Period 1ms, 0.5ms, 0.166ms, 0.083ms
Update Period 1ms, 0.5ms, 0.166ms
Number of Axes Up to 32
Motion Interface   Profile Position, Cyclic Position / Velocity / Torque

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