The compact single-axis servo drive for easy positioning with integrated safety functions.

SINAMICS S110 – Description
The SINAMICS S110 positioning drive with its built-in basic positioning system is ideal when you need to position machines axes simply, quickly and accurately. While the positioning drive relieves the higher-level machine control system of this task, this flexible converter actually offers much more. As an alternative to a basic positioning system, the positioning drive can be assigned set values as a speed axis using analog input or a field bus interface, such as PROFIBUS, CAN, PROFINET. Additionally, the positioning drive can control a wide range of built-in safety functions with on-board safety terminals without intricate additional circuits. As a modular single-axis drive with servo functionality, the positioning drive covers a power range from 120 W (1 AC 230 V) to 90 kW (3 AC 400 V). It can be used to position both synchronous servomotors and induction motors.

SINAMICS S110 – a brief Summary of its Strengths
Easy positioning with synchronous motors and induction motors
Built-in safety functions
Easy commissioning with electronic type plate in DRIVE CLiQ motors and STARTER
Automatic controller optimization with auto-tuning
Easy connection to higher-level PLCs using standard communication modules and Totally Integrated Automation (TIA)

SINAMICS S110 – Technical Data
– Voltage and performance range:* (* depending on the device version)

  • 0,12 – 0,75 kW at 1AC 200…240 V
  • 0,37 – 90 kW at 3AC 380…480 V

– Open-loop control / closed-loop control:

  • Servo control (speed, position)

SINAMICS S110 – Typical Uses
The SINAMICS S110 positioning drive is ideal for the following applications: handling devices, medical devices (such as laying patients prone), feeders and delivery devices, tracking systems, solar panels, tool changers, stacking units, assembly machines and laboratory automation.

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